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A one-stop place to add more colour & meaning to your lives by interacting with your local communities through well curated events & experiences.


Up your cultural quotient with one-of-a-kind shows, go day dreaming under the stars of musicals, or maybe just sit back and enjoy a laughing ride. Whatever you pick, we’ve got you covered!

Family Entertainment

A happy family not only eats together but has fun together too. Time to put on your party hat and get ready for game nights, carnivals and themed parties that bring out your wild & wacky side.

Pop Ups

Who doesn’t love a good pop up? From Food to Fashion to all things festive, we promise to add that pop of colour to your repertoire of experiences.


Explore our bursts of workshops across cooking, art, STEM, theatre, and more, for both kids and adults, to further grow and build yourself.

TPC Experiences

With creating unique spaces or pretty places, fun events or learning activities, our experiences will warm your hearts, or maybe even leave you with a grin from ear to ear, giving you a worldly sense of satisfaction from engaging with us and your local community, and from being a part of something new and different.


Pandi The Indie – all the way from Chennai

Step into a delightful world of humor, heart, and adventure in a play crafted for the entire family. Meet Pandi, the spirited street indie dog, who aspires to become a champion at the local dog show. With his loyal and crafty friend Meenakshi, the alley cat, Pandi embarks on a series of laugh-out-loud misadventures that make him question his dreams and his place in the world. Will Pandi discover his destiny? Come find out!

Meet the Crayons

Know the faces behind TPC

Ashika – The Curious Crayon

Fun. Outgoing. Organised

Ashika is an out and out entertainer, driven by creating great experiences, inspired by engaging and interacting with people.

Rebecca – The Cheerful Crayon

Cheerful. Adaptable. Friendly.

Rebecca relishes developing positive relationships between people, building bridges within communities along the way.

Come Crayon With Us

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